Portuguese Bird Ringing Scheme




The Portuguese Bird Ringers Association
The Portuguese Bird Ringing Association...

...was born of a group of ringers that united to organise the 4th Technical Meeting of Ringers. 

This group initiated the lawful formation of the Portuguese Association of Bird Ringers and, on the 2th November 2007, its constitution was officially ratified.

APAA has a number of key objectives, which are:

  • To unite national and foreign ringers with the goal of developing the scientific and technical values of bird ringing.

  • To promote and support the study of wild birds through ringing and other marking schemes.

  • To develop and support the scientific and technical training in ornithology and nature conservation.

  • To contribute to the validation and promotion of ringing in its diverse forms.

  • To develop networks between ringers, encourage collaboration between members and support them in their efforts.

  •  To support scientific, technical and cultural activities, meetings and field activities related to bird ringing.

  • To promote the exchange of information and cooperation between national and international organisations with similar goals and values.

The Portuguese Bird Ringers Association has achieved important objectives within only two years of its existence, and looks forward to establishing partnerships with other European Ringing Associations.

APAA brochure - english version - Versão .pdf - 313kb

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